I was reading the book Steps to Christ and was very engrossed with it that on the other side of my mind I thought that I could already make my own sermon about the love of Jesus. Two days after finishing the book I was still contemplating on the illustrations of God’s love when I passed by a kaimito tree. I noticed the fruits that are almost getting riped and I thought it’s one of God’s love.

Since then I have become mentally active. Whatever I do or see I always find my mind busy with rationalizing, analyzing, synthesizing, and probably all types of cognitive process.

However, I find it possible to turn off this cognitive process when it comes to people I see on the streets unless they do something unusual. A blind musician by the sidewalk switches the good judge in my mind and tells me that if I buy Yanni’s cd for a hundred baht why not buy this street musician’s songs? The next thing I know my hand reaches for all the coins in my pocket and drop them in the tin.

Yes, I rarely mind other people’s business. As long as they are not getting in my way, they can do what they want and I don’t care.

Every Saturday I walk to church and I pass by a park where the verdant grass invites me to sit for a while and lavish my eyes on the beauty of the nature around. The small white flowers that grow in the field accentuates the lush carpet and I sigh in relief and blurt, “What a beautiful world!”
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