Soils have dried on the surface
Tulips, daffodils and bluebells have withered away
Roses and fuschia and lavenders have come to blossom instead
No more furry coats, mittens and boots
No more leather coats and scarf wrap around ones soul
Bees sipping nectars from the flowers
The sound of the birds chirping in chorus in the trees
Insects serenading at night
Dandelions floating in the air
Someone eating ice cream in the sun
Classrooms are empty
Schoolgates are shut
Children playing in the park...
Summer is here.

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I think this is the most romantic proposal I have ever seen. During Shania's concert in Chicago a guy proposed to his girlfriend up in the stage, in front of the crowd with Shania's help and she later sang "When you kiss me" while the couple dances. It's very touching, brought tears to my eyes. Watch the video.

This movie has never been more meaningful to me than when I lived in Thailand for more than six years. I got to relate with it especially the boundaries set by the culture. The traditions and the monarchial protocol are still pretty much the same.
However, I think that Anna is very arrogant. She came to Thailand to teach Prince Chulalongkorn but in the movie she tend to stepped over the line and even wanted to dictate the king what he was supposed to do. Thus, King Mongkut got upset that he was made to appear weak.
Well, I think that it's a bit bias as the movie was told to be influenced by Anna's Diary which is of course one-sided.
But if the focus is on the love story between the king and Anna, it's kinda titillating.

Based on a true to life story of Chris who left home in search of peace and happiness after he found out his father had another family. Instead of going to law school, he donated all his money to a charity and went about the states hithhiking. Eventually he landed to Alaska where he had been wanting to go and there started his lonesome surival. He eventually realized happiness is better shared.
Warning: It might bring you to tears.