There was this song I learned in the Sabbath School when I was a small girl and it was the weirdest song I'd ever heard.

It said, "Langgam naglupad-lupad" (Ano daw? Ang langgam lumilipad?)
"ang pako gibuklad-buklad" (Ano bang klaseng langgam yan? Yong malaking langgam na may pakpak?)
"Lukso latay sa sanga, twit, twit, twit ang iya awit" (O now, we're singing about the bird finally!)
"Lukso latay sa sanga, Kay bantayan ka" (whether it's a langgam or a bird, God cares for it.)

At first I thought it was funny and I never really understood the song until later when I grew older but I remember everytime we sang it I was full of confusion and I honestly thought the song was absurd, ridiculous, annoying. How could an ant fly and tweet?
Wow! It's really fascinating, captivating, interesting everything.

When I first read the title of the news that Ellen Pompeo, the immediate reaction was "Is Derek the father?" haha!! I was hoping they would somehow hit it off in real life but that's just a wishful thinking. Something here is hinting how a little bit of a crazy I am over the series, Gray's Anatomy.

Anyway, Ellen Pompeo is pregnant with real love of her life, husband Chris Ivery.

Now the follow-up question is, will it be in her storyline? Hmm. Gray's Anatomy is getting more exciting.

Everywhere I turn I see her name and photo. Overnight she's become a word of the mouth. I was surprised her fame has reached all corners of the world. This is the power of media. Ordinary people and the least in the society could be take the world by storm in a split of a second.

Is Susan Boyle really that great? I mean does she really have that phenomenal voice? Actually, no. She's just as good as the others. But why are people going wild about her? I believe it's her story--how she climbed the ladder of stardom was so dramatic.

When she auditioned for Britain's Got Talent everyone was like negative, expecting another blooper like some auditioneers did in Simon's shows such as X Factor, American Idol, and of course Britain's Got talent. Sure they made us laugh, smile or cringe and it was, I think, Simon's initial reactions and facial expressions that made it even more dramatic. Also her cheeky responses and amusing body movements she made like hand akimbo and hip swaying displaying her cheerfulness and authenticity initially captivated the crowd like an appetizer. And when shse opened her mouth, everyone was surprised and immediately, they loved Susan right there and then. Unlike other auditioners, Susan Boyle was very humble and therefore people adored her. Susan Boyle's is pretty much a fairy tale story.

I think this is a good lesson for everyone. Never blow your own trumpet or people will trample your dignity and pride and claims. But like Susan, if you humble yourself people will love you and lift you up.
Second time around I got an email like this. Just want to warn others that when you receive emails like this, don't jump at it. It's as clear as a broad daylight it's just a hoax or a spam or worse a scam.

You have been selected in the on-going Chevron/Texaco oil award held this
january 2009. We the promo board are pleased to inform you that you
Alongside four (4) other lucky winners have been approved for a payment
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If you did receive this email, it means you are one of the five(5)
lucky winners. Your verification number is: (CT-222-6747,FGN/P-900-56).
Name: Barrister Mr J Hennesy
You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information
As soon as possible:
1. Name:.................
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3. Marital Status:.......
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We are glad to have you as one of our luckily winners.
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Chevron Texaco Oil and Gas Company

Hey there, wassup?

I know you've been dying to know how I've been. Well, one year in the UK and still no job. So what have I been doing?

I've been gardening, blogging and baking. I have just realized cooking and baking is in my blood. It's rooted in me. My father was a gourmet. He was the best chef in town. Well, he wasn't really a chef as it wasn't his job at all. But everybody knew that he was a great cook. Well, he was good at anything--carpentry, cooking, smoking and drinking most especially. He really excelled in doing that.

On the other side of the coin, my mother was also good at baking and sometimes cooking. Well, she didn't really learn how to do them properly until my father died and she was forced to do the cooking at home. And when she sold her fruits and vegetable stand in the town market (which is very sayang!) she got herself into baking native cakes made of rice, ground rice, sticky rice and ground sticky rice.

Opps! sorry I'm starting to ramble again. What I was trying to point out was that I inherited both of my parents' cooking and baking skills. Since I'm the fusion of their great skills, I emerged better! :-P Because I also cook Italian foods, you see?

Here, check out my baking and cooking blog at Simplified Recipes.
You bet, just watched the movie with my dear hubby and I must say it made me feel like 17 again or at least I wish I were.

I must admit the movie made me want to go back in time and make things right. I sometimes think that I had always been a good student but now I realize that I could have made things so much better. Wasted years..they can never be reclaimed.

But it's not too late, is it? Everytime we feel the need to change is the right time to act on it. Procrastinate your procrastination. Never regret making the mistakes and make the most of what you got.