Finally, I'm looking forward to Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. When would that be? Are you anticipating for it too?
Toyota Floor Mats May Be Deadly Hazard

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It's never easy on your first day at work. There's just too much information you have to know. Although it wasn't my first day in the place but I used to work in the other section and now it's entirely different. I used to just stuff envelopes, now I got to prepare letters. I thought it was going to be an easy thing--yea for sure the use of computer and software is pretty easy but the information contained in the documents are pretty complicated. My work now involves decision-making which is really not a big deal, or so I thought. So why did I make a mistake? Because I trusted too much. I yelled at myself for not following my intuition. Good thing I had not done many letters. And as we found out it wasn't all my fault because someone else put the envelopes in the wrong tray and section.

Well, I could have avoided the mistake if I were not dumb. Just because someone handed you a ten quid and said it was 5 doesn't mean you have to trust him/her, innit? You have to at least take a quick look and examination to make sure that information and reality match.

I always dread first day. Anyway, it seems the normal learning process for me always involve making a mistake. And most of the time I learn them during my first day.
I missed blogging so much. Since I last posted here many things have transpired some memories stayed and some have escaped. I have always dreamed of making money from my blogs but I just can't focus. There are too many distractions. I need to be more organized. If I want to be a successful blogger I have to stop dreaming and start doing.

So first I shall have an organizer where I will scribble the things I need to do, which ones to prioritize and create a time management system. Since I want to profit from my blogs I must learn how to do it properly and therefore it's important that I observe successful bloggers.

The most important thing about monetizing blog is traffic. So that's the first area I need to study and hopefully by the end of this week I shall have gathered enough information and implement them as soon as possible.

Now, where do I go next?

Ah, scribble my last holiday in Sicily. So watch out for it in the next few days.