Yesterday, I had one of those cherished moments here at my school. I was standing in front of the dorm waiting for my Chinese friend to bring the DVD player when somebody behind me called my name. When I turned I saw the girl whom I scolded last week. She looked so sweet and shy. I smiled back. She said, "I'm sorry about last week!" I was so touched. The more I regretted being nasty to her and I also I apologized for my quick temper. She said that it was okay. The more it melted my heart. She went on to say, "I'll not do it again next time." And I said, "Okay, forget it." She bowed and said "thank you."

(By the way, for those haven't read my previous blog please read it for reference on the entry above.)

Did what? Lost my temper!
I have been battling with self-control lately and every time my patience is being challenged. Perfect! Just when I need it!

Today, students were flirting in my classroom (at my back). I was assessing students' conversation skill by twos and one philandering girl was flirting with her boyfriend who didn't belong to the class. I asked him to go out and went on with my assessing. When one group finished, I stood to confront a boy who was participating. Surprisingly, a girl rushed to say "quickly!" and the same couple whom I had separated earlier catapulted from the floor.

A rush of anger gripped me and I shouted: What the hell!! Somehow, those ESOL students who could barely understand basic English lessons understood what I said. Then I went on to scold the girl. (Terrible words I threw at her)
I don't mind if she flirts with her boyfriend. She has the rights to do whatever she wants with her life. I don't mind what they do as long as they don't do it in my territory. And that time since they were doing it in my class I couldn't in any way tolerate it.