In the recent fight of Manny Pacquiao I first heard the news that he is becoming infidel to his wife, Jinky. Quickly I thought about this thing that it's a woman who might knock him out if no one in the ring could.

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Does anyone recognize Bobby, the faithful dog? I took this photo when we went to Scotland. The bar is near the church yard where Bobby and his master, John Gray, are buried. Yes, in case you didn't know, Bobby's Bar is named after the dog you see on the monument.

Do you know the story of Bobby? When John Gray died Bobby stayed on his tomb and never left until he died 13 years later. A good friend of John Gray would bring him food day in and day out. However, when Bobby died the people couldn't decide whether to bury him next to his master in the church graveyard because they said that they were not sure what his religion was. So instead thy buried him just outside the gate.

Up to this day, people still bring Bobby some gifts like flowers, stuff toys and even lottery tickets supposedly to bring luck.

Here's Bobby's tomb which also contains red, the shoes of our tour guide.

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