Susan Boyle really knows how to make her audience sit still and listen to her song. Once again she wowed the audience probably all over the world. Her performance at the semi final of Britain's Got Talent 2009 was so emotional I think. I had tears in my eyes. Althoguh there was a little hiccup in the beginning but once she caught her momentum she just went right through.

Some people might say she's not that terrific but I think they're just jealous because of her overnight rise to stardom. She sings beautifully. The songs really suit her voice. Great choice. Good job for her tutor as well.

Click here for the recap of Pacquiao vs. Hatton Hightlights.

Martin Nievera's best Lupang Hinirang

Watching the recap of the fight, I noted two significant things. First, Martin Nievera's rendition of "Lupang Hinirang" was without a doubt the best one I have ever heard beating all full-fledged Filipinos who have sung the national anthem during Pacquiao's fights. I must say Martin did his homework, applied his professionalism as a singer, and performed amazingly great. Not just because he already has a golden voice but you can tell that he really prepared himself for it.

Freddie Roach is sick

The other thing that I noticed has a little bit of a negative tune. Freddie Roach is sick with Parkinson's. It's really sad. Despite all the successes he was achieving with Manny's victories in the ring, a wicked disease is lurking nigh. It's true, Roach should get all the credit for being Manny's best trainer and I do hope and pray he will overcome this disease.
This morning when I got up I was a bit nervous as I turned on my laptop googled for Pacquiao-Hatton news result and as you already know, I was greeted with the exciting news result.

Right after seeing Ricky collapsing on the floor, motionless, and heard the commentators saying something about Manny's infamous "wicked left" I needed no more information. I folded the laptop and ran back to the room where my husband was still idly lying in bed and jumped at him as I proudly announced, KO at 2nd round! KO at 2nd round!

Last night before going to bed I wanted to post a blog and wish Pacquiao good-luck even if he doesn't read my blog. Well, at least I darted a quick prayer for him and the only way to let others know about it is to blog about it. You know I love blogging, don't you?

Anyway, it was half past 11 pm and my eyelids were getting heavy. Besides I wasn't sure if I could watch the bout simultaneously and there's no point keeping up till 2AM only to find out I can't watch it. So against my will I went to bed at around midnight. And the blog? Well, I changed my mind and didn't publish it.

Months before the bout, I overheard someone from the Filipino meeting I attended that he was going to bet on Pacquiao. I said to myself I would too. But then I felt guilty over the idea that I would be taking people's money. But a deliberation with self told me that, if I won't it someone else will anyway. Well, I decided I'd rather not engage myself to that sort of money-making scheme.

The beginning

When I first heard about the Pacquiao-Hatton match, I initially thought I would be able to watch Manny live if they played here in the UK. But things didn't go well at the start the next thing I knew was that their fight was cancelled. I was a little bit devastated. But a couple of weeks later things started to cheer up again when Pacquiao finally agreed--you know what it is if you have been following the news. However, I was again devasted to learn that the match would be held in Las Vegas and not in the UK anymore. That means, I don't have the chance to watch it live again.

Thrash talks

Like the previous fights Manny had, his opponents or one of the team would always belittle Pacquiao. Yesterday night while eagerly waiting for the match, I saw an article on regarding Mayweather Sr. saying Pacquiao had no technic and that Ricky Hatton would beat him.And so many more thrash talks who all ate their words once Manny and his opponent got in the ring.

The humble hero

Meanwhile, Manny humbly said something like "I'm not going to talk much but I'll let my fist do the talking." Might not be the exact words he used but it was very much like that.