Last night I was searching for an 8G memory stick and I did find a very good deal on ebay.  As a savvy internet junkie or just prudent ebayer, the first thing you have to do is check the seller's reputation, right?

Now, the seller I found is a powerseller having sold out more than 120,000 items on ebay.  The reputation was something like 99.3%. Acting on impulse, I clicked on the feedbacks and listening to my doubts, I first checked the negative ones.  Since I was contemplating on buying one of the seller's 8G memory stick, I paid more attention to the negative feedbacks on the same item. Alarmingly, dozens of them expressed their disappointment over the items they bought and the failure of the seller to settle the dispute.  Some of them blatantly wrote AVOID!!!

But to be fair, I also checked the positive ratings and remarkably, tens of thousands of them are quite happy and satisfied.  However, my judgment settled on the negative ones. I had deliberation with self and consequently, I retracted. I am not willing to gamble my £9 with a seller who has that type of reputation. 

As I went to bed though, I thought of the vast majority who had a successful transaction with that seller and comparing the 24 who were let down I was beginning to realize it's actually a remote possibility.  Afterall, I bought a bluetooth dongle from another seller with the same reputaion of 99.3% and was lucky to get the the item in working order.

But still the thought of the possibility of receiving the bad tomato is keeping me. Though it's remote but it could happen to me. What if I get to be one of those unlucky buyers? £9 is not a small amount to lose.

Why did I say that?

Well, I just noticed that firefox browser is almost the same with Chrome now displaying the thumbnails of recently or most visited sites while on the right panel are the recently bookmarked and below is the recently closed tabs.

I am just wondering, is Firefox google's pet?

There are major differences though like tabs in Chrome open next to it while in firefox it does in the last tab. Chrome has an option to open windows in incognito which doesn't leave cookies. This is especially helpful if you entered credit card details. In Chrome, saved usernames and passwords already appear in the boxes and if you have multiple account for that site, Chrome predicts word as you type. In google you still have to type the whole username before a password appears. When typing a site name in the address bar, Chrome also predicts the site name base on recently visited or bookmarked sites and it already appears in the address bar as you type. In Firefox, however, it will give you a dropdown list where you can select the site and click on it.

Chrome is more simple in appearance but more complex and sophisticated in performance. However, since my McAfee site advisor does not install in Chrome's toolbar giving me no idea if a site is safe or not, I don't have much choice but resort to Firefox.
This past couple of weeks I have been enjoying the start of a British summer as temperature starts to climb to 14 degrees Celsius. But wasn't brave enough to wear short sleeved tops yet when going outside.

However, on Sunday when we went to a car boot sale it didn't feel right. It was very windy and although the sun was out but clouds are moving fast in the sky and it felt like winter again. Also the nights are getting chilly again. I thought we were going to have early summer but I was wrong. Someone said there was going to be snow again. Oh, well, this is England.

I remember when I first arrived here in March last year it was the first day of spring and it was snowing. So I guess I'll have to brace myself up for another wintry spring.

I hate the rain. I used to love it when I was in the Philippines and Thailand because it cooled the air a bit giving temporary relief from the oppressive heat. But here in the UK when it rains and the wind blows it feels like zero even if it's actually 10. Sigh! This seemingly inclement weather is deterring me to go to the gym everyday.

Well, this is spring!
A fisherman,Muhamad Anwar was hunting for food when he became the hunted victim of a Komodo dragon and died on his way to the hospital, CNN News reported today.

Poor guy, in his search for food ignored the warning and entered a danger zone to meet his tragic end.

I'm just thinking out loud, is this how desperate man is becoming nowadays? He just wanted to pick some sugar apple so he won't die of hunger logically speaking. But he forgot the fact that he could die of an attack from the predators that are kept safe in that area.

Although Komodo attack on humans is rare but this is the fourth incident since 2007.

Now that is what you call...hmmm I don't know, spectacular, out of this world, unbelievable, incredible aahhh!!

Made me recall "Slamdunk" and this one's real. I think there was an "angel in the court."
I'm so excited. Spring is here and we're getting more sunny days --cross my fingers--hope we'll get more.

And today on my way back home from the gym I took a picture of this sunset.

So, reminder for everyone, British summer time begins on March 29 and that means we are going to adjust our clock one hour forward.

Nottingham Castle Museum

I had a chance to visit Nottingham and I admit I was very impressed. They've got lots of parks and forests that are accessible by trams and even if it's winter time and the trees are not starting to bloom yet, but you can almost picturize how grand and magnificent they would be in summer and autumn. I'd definitely go back there sometime in June or July.

Anyway, I didn't know Robinhood was from Nottingham. The castle museum was lively because they are manned by real people dressed in ancient costumes portraying how it had been in the past.

The Sheriff of Nottingham was an amiable person who hands you a certificate of friendship or some sort for visiting his county.

And of course the restaurant where we went was superb. We went to an international buffet consisting Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Italian menu. It was great! I had a great time.
I am an average fan of social networking. Perhaps for individuals like me who only view internet as a modern form of entertainment and keeping in touch aside from reading news and articles, I have a fair amount of time to spend on checking out my friends' profiles across the globe.

The first ever that I have come to know was friendster and that was in the beginning of January 2004.  Back then, online community was just an innovative and more fun ways of keeping in touch in place of emails and ecards. Then came mySpace, Facebook, hi5 and so on and so forth. I tried to maintain a profile in each site and I realized it's the same friends I'm hanging out with but just in a different site. So I stick with Friendster (FS) but ocassionally checked other sites for messages and updates from a couple of friends who are not on FS. In time, it became boring--at least for me. I stopped messaging my friends but just the thought of having them in my friends' list is more than satisfying. At least I know where to find them and that's what matters most.

The next best thing that cropped up was the photosharing.  Now you don't have to go through the tedious job of attaching of photos in your mails which used to take so much time especially if the files were big and you don't know how to resize them first before sending them. (Speaking from experience LOL!)

As time went on, we see yet more improvements like pimping our profiles, adding videos and music and so on and so forth. It's getting more and more complex yet so simple to use because everything is done with just one click of a mouse.  Then some more applications become available like photo slide, games, and about anything one can imagine to make social networking more fun than ever.

I think that whatever your reason is for using any of these sites is the indicator of whoever is the best for you.