HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej (prounouced as Pomipon Adunyadet) of Thailand has an estimated fortune of 35 Billion dollars according to Frobes. It is such a big surprise to me that the humble kingdom of Thailand is actually ruled by the wealthiest monarch in the world.

As if that was not enough to shock me, the news added that the "oil-rich Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi is far back at No. 2, Forbes magazine reported Thursday."

No wonder they can afford all those cloud seeding all throughout the year when it's needed.

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According to reports, Yahoo is the most visited site on the net. I got a message that Yahoo Buzz has finally launched and is now ready to be used to your sites or blogs.

I have never figured out how to put the digg button in my articles but yahoo buzz gave me no problem. Except that you have to put the article url yourself everytime you use the buzz.

Actualy, I have just tried it and now it's up here.


At long last, after about five months here in England I got to see the heart of London. Our first stop was London Bridge which have been fairly known to me ever since I was a child. When I got off the bus a sudden feeling of excitement rushed through my spine. I'm going to see London Bridge. It was more beautiful in reality than in photos. I couldn't stop admiring the sturdy structure with its admirable design. It was actually called the Tower Bridge. London Bridge is next to it but it's just an ordinary looking bridge.

Still at the River Thames, we crossed the famous bridge to see the St. James Castle. It was so big it takes a day to go around it and watch the shows reliving the olden times. There was a looong queue but we just passed by them.
Out next stop was at the St. Paul's Cathedral which is another London's must-see. It was beautiful outside and inside. I must say it's awesome.

From there we went to another bridge where there are flocks of tourists. What's in there? The House of the Parliament and Big Ben. It's another impressive building.

We also went to Picadilly--the center of London but there's nothing really special in there.

In Trafalgar square people were seated on the steps some to rest some to watch the Olympic updates.

Finally, to the Buckingham Palace. We can't miss it, can we? We passed through a park and chatted with the friendly birds but the one thing that caught most of our attention was the friendly squirrel. Frank found a peanut and called for the squirrel who hurriedly hopped toward him to grab the peanut from his hand. After claiming the prize, it scampered away looking for a safe place to hide the nut. Then it came back to get the other nut.

Surprisingly, we bumped with Dave and Marty of all the thousands probably million people in London that day. Together we head for the palace.

London is so big there is so much to see but we haven't got enough time. I really had a nice time in London.

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They grow all over the county but for me it was a novelty because I have never tasted them much less seen them back in Asia. When I got here in England in March 2008 I noticed these ubiquitos shrubs by the way side, in our allotment and on empty lots. I knew they were berries because of their leaves. They are all the same whatever type of berries they are and I have seen them, wild berries, in Benguet.

Days past and I saw flowers coming up. And as the months passed I started to notice the fruits forming and growing. Eventually, they got matured. They look so appealing to me.

Finally the fruits started to get ripe and unable to resist I asked my husband to make a jam for me. I picked as much as I want and now we have 2 bottles of blackberry Jam