Such a happy news on such a lovely day.  I have actually made three attempts and was almost going to quit when I finally made it. My first article went live on today and now I got the badge "Expert Ezine Article Author". It tickles me shimbers. I am grinning from ear to ear :-D

So what's the catch? Well, a lot of people are benefitting from writing articles on Ezine because they get huge traffic in return once their article is approved and goes live.  As an aspiring blogger/writer I also wanted to belong to the league but I didn't know there was a little bit of a loop to go through. It wasn't the article writing itself but the backlink.  Now that I have figured it out I aim to create more articles.

Why Ezine? They say that Google loves Ezine and if your article title is well-crafted it could appear on the top 5 in the Google search result which is really important especially if you are preselling something as an affiliate.  It's like advertising a product for free by writing an article and that's really fabulous.

This afternoon my husband told me he had a bad news for me. Immediately, my heart pounded heavier.  Then he took a folded paper in his back pocket and handed it to me. It was a letter of warning to the employees in his factory. With the credit crunch and recession, some of the employees could be facing redundancy.

I felt a little stab in my chest. I have just arrived in the UK and I have not been working since the home office hasn't returned my passport or say, they haven't approved my visa and so I can't look for a job.

It's really heart-breaking. My mind raced to the unforeseen future. The house we are staying is on mortgage and if my husband losses his job it would be difficult for him to pay the mortgage and then the bank might repossess it. It is depressing to even think about it.

Living in the UK where everything is expensive and every move, every gadget and every person  in your house has got to be taxed, it is unimaginable to survive a recession like this.  Not only the poor are affected but the rich ones too. Where is UK going to? Is their economy going down the drain? They say that they still have got enough money. But how far can it go?

UK could be a relatively rich country, developed, and advance but in times of recession it could be hit with the hardest blow.  I may not represent the whole country but at least it's what I see in the news everyday. People are paying through their nose to keep their house warm and have a decent meal. I think of the Philippines where most people live in a basic standard. Yet with a recession like this, the effect won't be as hard to them as the ones in the UK.

Oh, I used to think that we had long overcome the depression era and we are much wiser now. But why are we making the same mistakes? Why do we have to experience it again?
Google Money Pro or G Money Pro is an ebook authored by Steven Holdaway.  As I was skimming through his site I noticed a few spelling and grammatical error which are just minor by the way.

Anyway, the website is rather a lengthy testimonial on how he started. Like most internet marketers or similar sites, they all began as broke or on the verge or bankruptcy.  Then he bought several ebooks on how google works and how to make money advertising with google adwords.

For some internet junkies like me, Steven was obviously talking about clickbank and affiliate marketing plus google adwords. But he didn't mention the clickbank part very well.  Apparently, Steven's ebook contains step-by-step and easy to implement guide on how to harness the power of google adwords, in short internet marketing.

I have never ever bought a single ebook about internet marketing myself and because of the many bad reports I read online, I'm too scared to lose my money for a system that won't work for me.  Most of the sites I came to review had a "Disclaimer" which further explains that one might not make money at all using their system. But G Money Pro doesn't have that disclaimer and he also claims that he is a certified google advertising professional which adds credibility to his book.

Oh, by the way, this is just a review of the website,, and not the product itself and I'm also not an affiliate of the product so I won't promote it either.
For the vast majority of computer users, Microsoft products are way too expensive. If you calculate the prices for all softwares you will need to have a safe and efficient working computer, it will amount equally to another computer set. Most people can't already afford to buy brand new CP so they resort to second-hand ones. So it's just practical to get a pirated software to go with their cheap PCs.

I'm not at all against Microsoft. Compared to IBM and Mac, Microsoft is more user-friendly. Although many are accusing MS for monopolizing the IT industry which I think is just right and therefore it seemingly gives them a grip on everybody which is not just and right. MS Softwares are plain unaffordable for average users.

And while many find it easier to get a pirated software without being arrested, it seems becoming right. Go to forums and you'll find that majority will say that they use pirated softwares or at least managed to tweak the trial version of a genuine product to extend their use.

But really, one doesn't have to steal or use pirated softwares if you can get it free. Most of us only know of Microsoft but there are similar softwares out there for free if you only know where to find them.  For example you can go to Open Office and download the software for free. It 
When I was in Thailand, I and everybody I know used pirated softwares from OS to Office to burners to Antivirus, you name it.  In fact I never knew where to find legitimate copies of any software because chances are they could also be pirated.

Well, I'm not implying that the whole country is a fraud when it comes to software. It's just that being a super ignorant end-user, I didn't know where to buy genuine softwares.

But of course I wasn't that complete idiot. I knew where to go for computer stuff and my favorite was Panthip Plaza and there was one close to where I lived called computer city and these two places I mentioned only sell pirated softwares.

If Microsoft is going to conduct a piracy attack in Thailand I think they will find that about 90 percent of the country is using pirated OS and Office and all other softwares.

However, this does not represent my knowledge and opinion on the entire planet. I'm sure there are other countries even developed countries like the US and UK who have got people using pirated softwares.