it was June 2, the last day of school. I planned to get away from Bangkok and visit a nearby beach resort--Bangsaen. But, oh, I've got so many social responsibilities here that held me until Friday where I was supposed to watch the Royal Barge Procession. Let me count them one by one. Saturday, I had to see a friend who will give me a printer. Sunday, just normal day--laundry day. Monday--Dreamworld day. Tuesday--King's Park day? Maybe if it didn't rain. Wednesday, went to Fashion Island. It was such a boring trip that ended in a boring mall. It was a dead place. Why did they build such a big mall out of nowhere? Thursday, I had an appointment with the school visa officer. I must appear to the immigration. Unfortunately, my documents were not finished yet so I didn't have to go. After one week of waiting, nobody has even called me to inform me of it. How about my plan to get away? Now I have few days left! Why is it that sometimes I get trapped by some disorganized people? If only I had known earlier. Last night a lady came to my apartment and offered a massage. I politely refused but she was very insistent. I told her that I'm broke but oh, my word, she's a win-win lady! So, in short, she won. I don't remember when was the last time I had a body massage but mind you, this lady just smashed my muscles and joints that I couldn't stop screaming!!! Whoa! I thought I would feel better after that but I felt worse the next day. Felt like I ran around the oval 10 times. She exhausted all my energy! Again, it intercepted my plan! My whole body was shaking and even after eating 5 cups of rice I didn't feel any better! I just wish I could be more assertive. Can I? How?
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