Did what? Lost my temper!
I have been battling with self-control lately and every time my patience is being challenged. Perfect! Just when I need it!

Today, students were flirting in my classroom (at my back). I was assessing students' conversation skill by twos and one philandering girl was flirting with her boyfriend who didn't belong to the class. I asked him to go out and went on with my assessing. When one group finished, I stood to confront a boy who was participating. Surprisingly, a girl rushed to say "quickly!" and the same couple whom I had separated earlier catapulted from the floor.

A rush of anger gripped me and I shouted: What the hell!! Somehow, those ESOL students who could barely understand basic English lessons understood what I said. Then I went on to scold the girl. (Terrible words I threw at her)
I don't mind if she flirts with her boyfriend. She has the rights to do whatever she wants with her life. I don't mind what they do as long as they don't do it in my territory. And that time since they were doing it in my class I couldn't in any way tolerate it.
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