For Ilocanos

3 Friends were trying to outbrag each other about how strong their father is.
Tagalog: Ang tatay ko limang baka kinakatay araw-araw.
Bisaya: Wala yan! Ang tatay ko 10 baka kinakatay araw-araw.
Ilocano: Awan ah! Ni tatang ko uray matmaturog agkat-katay!

For Ilonggos

Still outdoing each other about presidents who speak their language.

Ilocano: Kaming mga Ilocano may presidente na. Si Marcos.
Tagalog: Kami rin naman ah, si Manuel L. Quezon.
Ilonggo: (Scratching head) Bal-an mo si Toto Reagan? Ilonggo na!

For Cebuanos

A native of Manobo was having an interview to get a place in Mountain View College.
Interviewer: Do you know how to speak English?
Manobo: Yes, Sir!
Interviewer: What is good in English:
Manobo: Maayo gyud!
Interviewer: What is sad in English?
Manobo: Guul sad!
Interviewer: What is food in English?
Manobo: Pagkaon pud!

For Pangasinense

Antonio is traveling around the world and he was surprised his name changes everywhere he goes.
He went to America and they called him Anthony.
He went to Russia and they called him Anthonsky.
He went to Italy and they called him Anthonini.
He went to Germany and they called him Anthonen.

Finally he went back to the Philippines and visited Pangasinan and do you know what they called him? Antotan.
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