I have this wallet that I have been using for a couple of years now and I bought it in a bargain shop in Bangkok. It cost only 20 baht but I have a very close affinity with it. Or I think it's pathetic and it's like cast with a spell.

Here's the story.

A few weeks after buying this wallet, I got a new wonderful lady's wallet made from sting ray leather that was gifted by my student. It was the long type of kind. And this is not a cheap one. Compared to my pathetic wallet, this one costs about 1,500 baht. But everytime I used this wallet I noticed that money goes out in large amounts.

Because it is bigger and bulkier than the cheap wallet I would always resort back. And everytime I use it back money comes in in large amounts too.
I told my observation to my friends and colleagues and we just shrug our shoulders to it. But it's getting really old and torn and one friend said that I better keep it. I also told myself that I would keep it even if it looks like an antique.
However, during the last quarter of 2007 I got sick and almost died. And even if I was using the pathetic wallet that time money went out and made me broke.

When I got home in the Philippines I told myself that I need a new and decent-looking wallet. After all my pathetic wallet let me get sick and spent so much. But I want a cheap one coz I am not posh. So out I went one day to purchase a black and red wallet that looked decent enough. Again it's the long type of kind like the sting-ray one. Guess what happened? The very next day after using it, the British Embassy called me and advised me to pay 42,000 pesos for my visa. Scratching my head, I had to abandon the new wallet and go back to the pathetic one.

Anyway, I was on my way to the library today and I dropped by the charity shop. And you know what? I bought myself a new wallet for only 50p. This time it's smaller than the pathetic wallet but has more compartments for the coins and cards. It looks very decent and no scratches. I am replacing my pathetic wallet.
Oh please, I want the spell to be broken this time.
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