Hmm...I thought it's fun. I was putting the dress on a hanger, put the appropriate size label and steam them before they were tagged with a price and be displayed for sale. There was so much donations came in today. More bags came in than I have sorted. I was looking at all those donated items and it seems like ages before we can clear all the counters. It was a pretty easy thing and on the surface it looks as if I was just helping the shop. But in the long run I'm helping the less fortunate people.

Last week I saw a nice denim jacket in the charity shop. Even if I had some money I asked my husband to buy it for me. When he was paying it, he saw the ad wanted: a volunteer. I had seen the ad myself earlier but I hesitated a bit. But with my husband's nudge I got a courage. We took the number and once we got home I called them and said that I wanted to volunteer. Scot, the man on the other line told me to get fill-up an application form. I asked if I needed two references and he said, "If possible." I thought it was easy. I could ask Dave or Marty, my friends from church.

However, Dave and Marty were not there when I got to the church last Saturday. Monday I called them but they didn't call back. Sighed, I went to the charity shopon Tuesday morning to turn in my application form and told them that I couldn't get an endorsement letter or reference. Anyway, Scot told me he'd call in a couple days.

At around 1 pm, I got a call from Scot and asked if I could start anytime this week. Of course, I can. Then he asked if I could come tomorrow which I gladly accepted. They definitely need a hand.

Later in the afternoon I was in the allotment getting rid of some pestering weeds when I got a call from Emily, a Filipino friend from church. She needed a babysitter for her daughter because she's going to work 14 hours starting today.

I had been unoccupied all this time and now that I'm going to start volunteering, another job requires my attention. I could have called the charity shop and say that I need to babysit. Afterall, I'm just a volunteering with them while I get money from the latter one. But I thought that I have already given my word and I intend to keep it.

Coming home from work, I felt satisfied and I'm glad I made the right decision.
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