Nottingham Castle Museum

I had a chance to visit Nottingham and I admit I was very impressed. They've got lots of parks and forests that are accessible by trams and even if it's winter time and the trees are not starting to bloom yet, but you can almost picturize how grand and magnificent they would be in summer and autumn. I'd definitely go back there sometime in June or July.

Anyway, I didn't know Robinhood was from Nottingham. The castle museum was lively because they are manned by real people dressed in ancient costumes portraying how it had been in the past.

The Sheriff of Nottingham was an amiable person who hands you a certificate of friendship or some sort for visiting his county.

And of course the restaurant where we went was superb. We went to an international buffet consisting Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Italian menu. It was great! I had a great time.
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