Everywhere I turn I see her name and photo. Overnight she's become a word of the mouth. I was surprised her fame has reached all corners of the world. This is the power of media. Ordinary people and the least in the society could be take the world by storm in a split of a second.

Is Susan Boyle really that great? I mean does she really have that phenomenal voice? Actually, no. She's just as good as the others. But why are people going wild about her? I believe it's her story--how she climbed the ladder of stardom was so dramatic.

When she auditioned for Britain's Got Talent everyone was like negative, expecting another blooper like some auditioneers did in Simon's shows such as X Factor, American Idol, and of course Britain's Got talent. Sure they made us laugh, smile or cringe and it was, I think, Simon's initial reactions and facial expressions that made it even more dramatic. Also her cheeky responses and amusing body movements she made like hand akimbo and hip swaying displaying her cheerfulness and authenticity initially captivated the crowd like an appetizer. And when shse opened her mouth, everyone was surprised and immediately, they loved Susan right there and then. Unlike other auditioners, Susan Boyle was very humble and therefore people adored her. Susan Boyle's is pretty much a fairy tale story.

I think this is a good lesson for everyone. Never blow your own trumpet or people will trample your dignity and pride and claims. But like Susan, if you humble yourself people will love you and lift you up.
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