There was this song I learned in the Sabbath School when I was a small girl and it was the weirdest song I'd ever heard.

It said, "Langgam naglupad-lupad" (Ano daw? Ang langgam lumilipad?)
"ang pako gibuklad-buklad" (Ano bang klaseng langgam yan? Yong malaking langgam na may pakpak?)
"Lukso latay sa sanga, twit, twit, twit ang iya awit" (O now, we're singing about the bird finally!)
"Lukso latay sa sanga, Kay bantayan ka" (whether it's a langgam or a bird, God cares for it.)

At first I thought it was funny and I never really understood the song until later when I grew older but I remember everytime we sang it I was full of confusion and I honestly thought the song was absurd, ridiculous, annoying. How could an ant fly and tweet?
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