Susan Boyle really knows how to make her audience sit still and listen to her song. Once again she wowed the audience probably all over the world. Her performance at the semi final of Britain's Got Talent 2009 was so emotional I think. I had tears in my eyes. Althoguh there was a little hiccup in the beginning but once she caught her momentum she just went right through.

Some people might say she's not that terrific but I think they're just jealous because of her overnight rise to stardom. She sings beautifully. The songs really suit her voice. Great choice. Good job for her tutor as well.
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  1. Ailurophile Says:

    I think she did quite well in the Semi-final. Unfortunately she couldn't make it to the end. But still she is so very talented, and I'm sure she has got a great career ahead of her :)

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