Actually my muscles are sore around my tibia and fibula trudging up and down Asia Pacific International University (APIU) campus. I think I miss Krungthep.

Last night I ate too much and couldn't sleep right away. Thought it would be very noiseless in here because I'm far from the city but I was wrong. the campus is near the railway and every couple hours I hear the locomotive pass by and because it's a long queue of trucks its noise is as long as its size! Oh my word, I could almost count the number of wheels as they clang with the iron railway. I have already counted 4 so far and was waiting for the fifth when I finally dozed off.

It was a long night. Early the next day before the dawn breaks I heard the cooing of the birds and the chirping of some insects from the nearby trees. This is such a farm life that I have to get used to.

Oh by the way, I'm not yet sleeping in the dorm. I stayed in a house near the backyard that's why I hear all those noises.
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