I had a rather unhappy ending for year 2006--at least that's what I thought. But when I look at a different angle it seemed everything was going right. It's just that I stared too long at the closed door I didn't realize that the window behind me was offering a way out. Sometimes we have to make mistakes before we learn. Is there a short cut to all the knowledge we need? I guess no.

The dorm room is rather smaller than I thought. I have left Bangkok. Stay at Mission College. Have access to the library and free internet. Live simply. Just bring my books and clothes basically. Everything else I had I got rid of them.

I was introduced to my new roomy and she ushered me to our room. At the first sight of it I wanted to turn my back and go back to Bangkok. The desks assigned to me were dusty. Underneath was some dirt. The window screen didn't look clear. Looks like nobody has stayed there for a year. I didn't sleep on my bed. I went to an acquaintance's house and stayed there overnight.

The music from my roomy's computer was playing loudly--certainly not the type I wanted to listen to when I'm studying. But it seemed okay. The door to the washroom was open and I could hear another music from the next room. But still I was reading my book. If I was in the same situation in Bangkok I would have closed my book and probably cleaned the apartment. But here it seemed okay. I'm in the mood to study no matter what noise I hear. I have so much to do and didn't know where to start. Then I realized I had to free myself first from all these anxieties that beset me. I cannot contain them all in my brain. So here I am slowly unloading my mind and put them all here.

The weather is nice. Though it's still not as pleasant as I wish but I'm starting to like it here.
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