It's just exasperating. I went to the laundry service at school and I told the laundry women to iron my clothes inside out as I hate having silver lines along the stitches. When I went to pick up the clothes, she just ironed it without washing! Okay, my Thai is very limited and I don't know how to explain it very well. With signs, gestures, and actions I tried to say "wash and iron" but still she didn't wash. I don't know if it's misunderstanding or just plain laziness on her part. Sigh!

I gave an instruction to my students how to present their skit. The next day they told me they were not ready because they did not understand what to do. I think they just wanted to extend their time but they could not tell me either.

How did we get so many languages? Where did all the many different languages come from? What was the first language?

I wish there was only one language in the world. Everybody understands each other. No need for translators. No need for language teachers. Time spent for learning a new language could be spent for a better undertakings. Money and effort spent for translations or international education could be spent for the improvement of people's lives.

But what language would that be?

Many countries will protest to use that global language if theirs is not chosen. There will be many disadvantages of it as well. Cultures and traditions will be merged with the rest of the world. There will be no more uniqueness. What else? The people who speak that language will feel flambouyant and arrogant that their mother tongue is chosen by the whole world. However, they may not need to learn a new language but it would be a pity to be able to speak only one language. The rest of the world will understand you but you can't comprehend their language.

All problems have solution. But sometimes a solution could have another problem on the other side.

May God give me the courage to accept the things I cannot change.
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