One week after I came back to Philippines. First thing that I devoured is a bunch of tondan. Grabe, I miss Philippine bananas so much. Today, my mom and I had a bonding. We went to Baclaran to buy bargain goods before we embark on our trip to Palawan. And of course we both had halo-halo. It's a rare occasion to go out with my mom so I consider it a special day. I also saw a guyabano on my way to the internet shop this evening. Sometimes when I'm on the jeepney I feel strange. Being away for 6 years and 7 months, I must have unlearned some Pinoy cultures and now they're coming back. I love it here. I miss Philippines so much and I'm just glad to be back. What's so special about this homecoming is that I'm here to stay, to enjoy a stress-free life, to lavish myself with everything I have missed while abroad, and to feast on Philippine's best fruits--Manggang Kalabaw at Tondan.
Anyway, I can't thank God enough for the joy of being home.
Happy Holidays to all of you.
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