At last I've found it! About a year ago, I posted a discussion on mylot entitle "What's the title of that song?" and nobody could tell me the title. I also asked my musician friends by humming the tune but they couldn't tell me the title either.

About last week I was browsing at the cd store when I saw classical music by Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. I couldn't decide which cd to by coz I love them all but I had only a budget for one. Since I wanted one for lullaby I picked Bach.

I got home and listened to the songs and VOILA! I heard that song I had been longing to hear for so long! I checked the cd case to check the title "Sheep May Safely Graze From The Hut"" I was so happy! I couldn't contain my joy. Now I can look for the piece in the university library and play the song too.

Thanks God for the little surprises in our lives.
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