Being away from my country makes me miss the things I have grown up with. There are times I would read over and over the one and only Philippine newspaper/publication I got from the Asian shop.

Then I came across Freeview that lets you watch tv programs in your PC. Well, I wasn't really convinced. I searched for a better gadget and I stumbled upon SatteliteSoft. It's a software that you can install in your PC and then you can watch more than 2000 worldwide channels live. I was very excited. But it wasn't free so I didn't bite it.

Then again I stumbled into another site PCTV4Me. This one is smarter than SatteliteSoft because it lets you download the software except that you can't watch the channels unless you pay. But at least it gives you an overall picture of what you're going to find inside like which channels from your country are available. Also it's cheaper than SatelliteSoft. Perhaps it is not as comprehensive as the former.

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