When I was in Thailand, I and everybody I know used pirated softwares from OS to Office to burners to Antivirus, you name it.  In fact I never knew where to find legitimate copies of any software because chances are they could also be pirated.

Well, I'm not implying that the whole country is a fraud when it comes to software. It's just that being a super ignorant end-user, I didn't know where to buy genuine softwares.

But of course I wasn't that complete idiot. I knew where to go for computer stuff and my favorite was Panthip Plaza and there was one close to where I lived called computer city and these two places I mentioned only sell pirated softwares.

If Microsoft is going to conduct a piracy attack in Thailand I think they will find that about 90 percent of the country is using pirated OS and Office and all other softwares.

However, this does not represent my knowledge and opinion on the entire planet. I'm sure there are other countries even developed countries like the US and UK who have got people using pirated softwares.
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