Such a happy news on such a lovely day.  I have actually made three attempts and was almost going to quit when I finally made it. My first article went live on today and now I got the badge "Expert Ezine Article Author". It tickles me shimbers. I am grinning from ear to ear :-D

So what's the catch? Well, a lot of people are benefitting from writing articles on Ezine because they get huge traffic in return once their article is approved and goes live.  As an aspiring blogger/writer I also wanted to belong to the league but I didn't know there was a little bit of a loop to go through. It wasn't the article writing itself but the backlink.  Now that I have figured it out I aim to create more articles.

Why Ezine? They say that Google loves Ezine and if your article title is well-crafted it could appear on the top 5 in the Google search result which is really important especially if you are preselling something as an affiliate.  It's like advertising a product for free by writing an article and that's really fabulous.

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