This afternoon my husband told me he had a bad news for me. Immediately, my heart pounded heavier.  Then he took a folded paper in his back pocket and handed it to me. It was a letter of warning to the employees in his factory. With the credit crunch and recession, some of the employees could be facing redundancy.

I felt a little stab in my chest. I have just arrived in the UK and I have not been working since the home office hasn't returned my passport or say, they haven't approved my visa and so I can't look for a job.

It's really heart-breaking. My mind raced to the unforeseen future. The house we are staying is on mortgage and if my husband losses his job it would be difficult for him to pay the mortgage and then the bank might repossess it. It is depressing to even think about it.

Living in the UK where everything is expensive and every move, every gadget and every person  in your house has got to be taxed, it is unimaginable to survive a recession like this.  Not only the poor are affected but the rich ones too. Where is UK going to? Is their economy going down the drain? They say that they still have got enough money. But how far can it go?

UK could be a relatively rich country, developed, and advance but in times of recession it could be hit with the hardest blow.  I may not represent the whole country but at least it's what I see in the news everyday. People are paying through their nose to keep their house warm and have a decent meal. I think of the Philippines where most people live in a basic standard. Yet with a recession like this, the effect won't be as hard to them as the ones in the UK.

Oh, I used to think that we had long overcome the depression era and we are much wiser now. But why are we making the same mistakes? Why do we have to experience it again?
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