Last night I was searching for an 8G memory stick and I did find a very good deal on ebay.  As a savvy internet junkie or just prudent ebayer, the first thing you have to do is check the seller's reputation, right?

Now, the seller I found is a powerseller having sold out more than 120,000 items on ebay.  The reputation was something like 99.3%. Acting on impulse, I clicked on the feedbacks and listening to my doubts, I first checked the negative ones.  Since I was contemplating on buying one of the seller's 8G memory stick, I paid more attention to the negative feedbacks on the same item. Alarmingly, dozens of them expressed their disappointment over the items they bought and the failure of the seller to settle the dispute.  Some of them blatantly wrote AVOID!!!

But to be fair, I also checked the positive ratings and remarkably, tens of thousands of them are quite happy and satisfied.  However, my judgment settled on the negative ones. I had deliberation with self and consequently, I retracted. I am not willing to gamble my £9 with a seller who has that type of reputation. 

As I went to bed though, I thought of the vast majority who had a successful transaction with that seller and comparing the 24 who were let down I was beginning to realize it's actually a remote possibility.  Afterall, I bought a bluetooth dongle from another seller with the same reputaion of 99.3% and was lucky to get the the item in working order.

But still the thought of the possibility of receiving the bad tomato is keeping me. Though it's remote but it could happen to me. What if I get to be one of those unlucky buyers? £9 is not a small amount to lose.

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