Why did I say that?

Well, I just noticed that firefox browser is almost the same with Chrome now displaying the thumbnails of recently or most visited sites while on the right panel are the recently bookmarked and below is the recently closed tabs.

I am just wondering, is Firefox google's pet?

There are major differences though like tabs in Chrome open next to it while in firefox it does in the last tab. Chrome has an option to open windows in incognito which doesn't leave cookies. This is especially helpful if you entered credit card details. In Chrome, saved usernames and passwords already appear in the boxes and if you have multiple account for that site, Chrome predicts word as you type. In google you still have to type the whole username before a password appears. When typing a site name in the address bar, Chrome also predicts the site name base on recently visited or bookmarked sites and it already appears in the address bar as you type. In Firefox, however, it will give you a dropdown list where you can select the site and click on it.

Chrome is more simple in appearance but more complex and sophisticated in performance. However, since my McAfee site advisor does not install in Chrome's toolbar giving me no idea if a site is safe or not, I don't have much choice but resort to Firefox.
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