This past couple of weeks I have been enjoying the start of a British summer as temperature starts to climb to 14 degrees Celsius. But wasn't brave enough to wear short sleeved tops yet when going outside.

However, on Sunday when we went to a car boot sale it didn't feel right. It was very windy and although the sun was out but clouds are moving fast in the sky and it felt like winter again. Also the nights are getting chilly again. I thought we were going to have early summer but I was wrong. Someone said there was going to be snow again. Oh, well, this is England.

I remember when I first arrived here in March last year it was the first day of spring and it was snowing. So I guess I'll have to brace myself up for another wintry spring.

I hate the rain. I used to love it when I was in the Philippines and Thailand because it cooled the air a bit giving temporary relief from the oppressive heat. But here in the UK when it rains and the wind blows it feels like zero even if it's actually 10. Sigh! This seemingly inclement weather is deterring me to go to the gym everyday.

Well, this is spring!
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