The most wonderful Filipino word,--at least for me--Bayanihan, literally means carrying a house to a new place by a group of people usually a community. I think wikipedia has a better definition. Anyway, one of my most precious memories of childhood was witnessing one exactly like in the photo. Even in my childish thought I took delight in seeing the spirit of unity in lending a hand.

Obviously, Bayanihan also means voluntarily helping together by the whole community, town, or country. This is what the Philippines need now. With all the calamities here and there, the Filipinos should work hand in hand to help the less fortunate kababayans. This is the time to set aside selfish interest and instead reach out to those who are in dire need.

The world may be pouring in financial aids and food and support but I believe that the most important thing for Filipinos is to do Bayanihan. Starting from the president down to the lowest part of the community, everyone has got to help.
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  1. nice A Says:

    great post! i used to witness this as well. since we're not in pinas to do it directly, i'm just glad we were able to give our little share thru the Harvest Ingathering and ADRA was there to give some assistance to the vicitms both in Manila and Northern Luzon.
    Thanks for the blogging tips.

  2. scribbler Says:

    Uy may comment ka pala Thanks and soli I couldn't get back sooner than I wanted as I was so caught up with job.
    Yes, you're right--every little helps ika nga. I haven't actually given anything because this time aids are pouring in and I don't want to go with the flow. I will give my contribution later when less people are giving na.

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