The bus I took this morning was friggin cold. I wondered why the driver didn't turn on the heating. It felt like zero degree although it was 5. But the drop in the temperature is such an unwelcome event for me.

When I got off the bus I was gritting my teeth with the slight freezing wind. I wished I had put on more underpants. Thanks to my leg warmers and the boots the lower part of my legs were warm enough. I was in this stream of thought when a biker passed bye and the rider was only wearing short pants. If my jaw was not tightly screwed it would have dropped to the ground. I was going to get bothered at his display of arrogance (IMBO)* but then I quickly deliberated with self that maybe he was feeling warm enough because he was exerting energy pedalling and heaven knows how far he has come to get to work.

This year we're so lucky here in the UK to have one of the rarest long summers. Well it's not really a good thing for every single person as I'm sure the farmers didn't like the dry weather. In fact even our vegetables in the allotment have suffered from this year's dry spell.

I really wished it would be like summer all year long but that's impossible. But at least this year it lingered on a bit.

As the winter months take over getting up early in the morning is becoming a drag for me. Take note, it's just the beginning. We don't even have frost yet. I wish I could get to work later but I think it's better to rise up early and finish early.

*In my bigoted opinion
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